19 - 22 July 2015 in Seoul, Korea

Instructions for authors

Please use one of the following templates for your abstract: 

Abstracts should not exceed 2 A4 pages. The abstract must contain enough information for the reviewers to judge the quality of the work.

When submitting your abstract to cp2015info@gmail.com, please provide the topic ID that pertains to your work in the email subject using the codes listed under Workshop topics. The filename should be "CP2015Abstract_TopicID_Name" or "CP2015Abstract_TopicID_Name_Student" for student awards applicants (e.g., CP2015Abstract_A3_JohnHunt.doc, or CP2015Abstract_P2_JohnSmith_Student.pdf). Also, please indicate the preferred mode of presentation in email using one of the following three options: "Oral only",  "Poster only", or "Oral or poster (default)".

Please note the following rules:

  • At least one of the listed author must register for attending the conference
  • Each attendee can only present one paper 
The abstracts will be reviewed by the workshop chairs, and the authors will receive a personal email to inform the acceptance or the rejection of their submission. 




Important dates

Abstract submission start 01 March 2015
Abstract submission deadline 01 May 2015  (→ Extended to 08 May 2015)
Acceptance notification 15 June 2015




Conference Format

The workshop combines the following formats:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Oral sessions
  • Posters
  • Exhibitions (booth)




Workshop Topics

The workshop will focus on the following topics:

P – Phantom Development
A – Applications
P1 – Ionizing Radiation A1 – Radiation Protection
P2 – Non-ionizing Radiation A2 – Medical Imaging
P3 – Other Physics A3 – Radiation Therapy
P4 – Personalized Medicine A4 – EM Safety
P5 – Functionalization A5 – Biomechanics
P6 – Tissue Properties A6 – Surgery Modeling
P7 – Geometries (Voxel, NURBS, Mesh, 4D) A7 – Device Design & Optimization
P8 – Phantom Standardization A8 – Virtual Physiology
P9 – Phantom Validation  A9 – Training
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